New action items

You can now use the Retirement / Analysis / Action Items section to illustrate differences in: 1) average AUM fees and 2) the timing of the sale of a business. Click the 'Edit' button in the Action Items section to add / remove items from the section!

Download cash flow data

On each screen in the cash flows, you now have the ability to download the cash flow data from that screen to a .csv file. Simply click the download button in the upper right of the screen next to the drop-down box used to select the plan.

Tax details for all plans

You can now see the tax estimate chart and detailed tax data for both the current and proposed plans, as well as any additional plans you create, on the Tax / Estimate screen. Simply use the drop-down box to select the plan you wish to see.

New and Improved Cash Flows!

We have enhanced the user interface and added additional information on the Retirement > Cash Flows screen to make it easier for you to drill into the details of your clients' projections. You can click on the column headers on the Summary tab to see the specifics of Income, Expenses, Goals, etc. that were previously on separate tabs. You can continue to drill down to see new details regarding savings, distributions, Social Security, property expenses and more! The UI has also been updated so that you can always see column headers for the cash flows and can choose how many rows to view at a time.

Extra debt payments

If you wish to illustrate the impact of one-time or recurring additional debt payments, you can add a 'Extra debt payment' card on the Profile / Expenses page. You can associate the payments with a specific credit card / loan and indicate the amount and timing of payment(s).

HSA distribution flexibility

We have added a setting (on the 'Client Settings' tab) that allows you to delay any distributions from a Health Savings Account (HSA) until after retirement.

Social Security enhancements

Our Social Security calculations have been enhanced for scenarios where one or both clients are already receiving SS benefits. For clients currently receiving benefits, you can specify the age they started receiving to have the system calculate any applicable spousal / survivor benefits.

Joint taxable savings

If clients are saving into a jointly owned taxable account (such as a brokerage account) or 529 plan, you can specify the owner as 'Joint' on the Profile / Savings screen.

Future property and mortgage

We have enhanced our support for reflecting future property purchases and associated mortgages, which are reflected in the cash flow projections but not in clients' current net worth.

FinFolio integration

Integration with FinFolio is now available! This integration, currently in Beta mode, allows you to link account information held at FinFolio. For instructions on how to set up the FinFolio integration, please visit the Help Center.