RightCapital updates
RightCapital updates

More Secure Act 2.0 updates




We've made additional updates to reflect changes that were introduced by Secure Act 2.0.

  • You can now illustrate savings into a Roth SEP IRA, Roth SIMPLE IRA, and Roth Solo 401(k).

  • The Roth SEP and Roth SIMPLE investment account types can be added as part of your clients net worth.

  • You can specify the percentage of your clients employer match that will be deposited into the designated Roth account using the new '% of match to Roth' variable.

To learn more about all of the SECURE 2.0-related changes visit the Help Center.

New debt strategy for Insurance analysis




We've added a new Debt Strategy option in the Life Insurance module to help you illustrate the impact of ‘paying off all debt immediately’ on your clients insurance need analysis.

Cash Flows / Net Worth details




You can now see a breakdown of the Net Worth table in the Retirement / Cash Flows. This includes the Primary and Vacation Homes, Investment Properties, Business Assets, Trust Assets, Other Assets, Mortgages, and Other Loan columns.

Updated tax parameters




Happy New Year! The tax parameters for 2023 have been updated within the system. This includes new tax brackets, contribution / income limits for plan contributions, IRMAA parameters for Medicare costs, etc.

SECURE Act 2.0




We are starting the new year with key updates to reflect some of the changes imposed by the SECURE Act 2.0. This includes items such as:

  • Phased changes to RMD starting age
  • Increased catch-up contributions for individuals age 60-63
  • Elimination of Roth 401(k) RMD's
  • Inflation adjustments for QCD limits and IRA catch-up contributions

We'll be making additional SECURE 2.0 changes in the coming weeks. To learn more visit the Help Center.

Include or exclude from Blueprint




We've given you the flexibility to chose which items display as part of the Blueprint! Within each Blueprint tab you will find an Edit button which allows you to include/exclude the individual accounts that make up that Blueprint page.

You can also control if recurring goals appear on the timeline for each year or for the first goal occurrence only. To learn more about Blueprint, visit the Help Center.

Carryover values from previous years




If your client has any Charitable giving carryover from prior years or unused AMT credit carryforward, you can now capture these values in the Tax Assumptions tab.

Tax Assumptions tab




We've added a new tab in the client portal / 'gear' / settings to allow you to define tax related assumptions in one place. Many of the items previously found in the Taxes & Fees expense card and the Tax law & Ordinary income tax rate adjustment (previously found in Other Assumptions) have all moved to this new tab.

Plan selection for PDF report




You now have the ability to include the Probability of Success chart and Action Items for plans of your choosing when generating a PDF report.

In the Report tab, click on the Retirement / Analysis section to open additional controls where you can toggle the new 'Select Plans' switch to select the plans that will print in the report. This feature allows you to compare up to 4 probability of success charts per page.

To learn more about customizing reports, visit the Help Center.

Actual liquidity update




The Actual Liquidity calculation now includes the value of Morningstar-recognized money market funds held within a taxable investment account.