RightCapital updates
RightCapital updates

Pension/annuity income increase type

When entering pension or annuity income on the Profile / Income screen, you know have the ability to specify whether any annual increase to the income amount is calculated using a compounded or simple interest calculation. This allows you to enter pensions where the annual amount increases by a set dollar amount each year.

Include hyperlinks in invitation emails

You now have the ability to include hyperlinks in the invitation emails that are sent to your clients to get them started with their client portal! You can use this to provide links to your website or other important information. Go to the / Account / Customization tab to update the wording that is sent to clients.

New tax charts and tables

We've added a bunch of new charts and tables to help show your clients the impact of taxes and tax strategies. On the Tax Estimate screen, you can now track the tax brackets your clients hit each year over the life of the plan. On the Distribution / Calibration tab, you can see how close your clients are to income limits for capital gains brackets and Medicare adjustments. And on the Distribution / Details tab, you can see how your proposed distribution strategy impacts client taxes and Medicare premiums.

New Roth conversion options

We've added additional options to provide more flexibility in illustrating Roth conversions to your clients. In addition to illustrating conversions to fill up ordinary income tax brackets, you can now show conversions that bring your client up to specific capital gains tax brackets, as well as up to the limit for triggering IRMAA adjustments for Medicare premiums. You can illustrate conversions in the Tax / Distribution action items.

Remove expense/goal cards

We've added the flexibility to remove living expense, retirement expense, and retirement health care / LTC cards from the Profile, if you are not including those items in your client's plan and do not want to see the cards displayed.

New Beneficiary section

We have added a new Beneficiary option under the Estate menu. This new screen will allow you to capture beneficiaries for bank, investment, and life insurance accounts. You can choose which accounts to include using the Edit button in the Action Items section.

Note that this screen is for recording beneficiaries only; the selection of a specific beneficiary will not impact the client's plan.

Updated estate checklist

We have updated the estate checklist to allow you to also capture important information about items in the checklist, such as the names of key individuals like will executors and power of attorney, and the last date documents were updated. You can also choose which items display on the checklist using the 'Edit' button.

New disability module

To enable you to better illustrate the impact of disability on a client’s plan, we have introduced a brand new Disability module. The Disability module now allows you to model the impact of client disability and propose disability insurance in the Action Items section. You can see how much income will be replaced by insurance over the course of the plan and how that insurance will impact the client's projection. See more information in the Help Center!

New distribution approaches

When adding distributions from accounts on the Profile / Income screen, you can use additional approaches for how distributions are calculated. New options include the ability to specify a %ge of the value when distributions begin, a %ge of each year's value, or to distribute the entire account value over a specified number of years.

Settings, Assumptions, & Plans moved

The Settings, Plans, and Client assumptions tabs which were previously accessed from the main advisor portal screen have been moved into the client plan, and can be found on the 'gear' / Settings screen. This allows you to update client settings or assumptions and add plans without exiting to the advisor portal. The previous 'Settings' tab is now labeled 'Methodology'.