Add a task to multiple clients

In the advisor Tasks screen, you can now add a single task to multiple clients. When adding a single task, click on the 'Clients' input box to select which clients the task should be added for.

Insurance polices for children

You can now enter insurance policies where the Insured is a child or grandchild. Such policies will never pay off in the projections but you can track the policy and premium information.

Allianz integration

Integration with Allianz is available in Beta testing mode. Integration with Allianz allows you to link Allianz accounts to client plans. In order to set up the Allianz integration, see the instructions on the Integrations page or the Help Center.

New property management options

We have enhanced our Primary Home Relocation goal to increase your options around client properties. The new Relocation goal allows you to:

  • Illustrate clients moving into an existing vacation home or rental property
  • Convert an existing primary home into a vacation home or rental property

You can enter multiple Relocation goals to illustrate different client scenarios over time!

Account balance for Life Insurance

On the Life Insurance Details tab, we have added the option for you to see the ending account balance values for each type of account, to better understand the results of the insurance analysis.

Action item description display

In the Retirement Analysis and Life Insurance action items section, pause your mouse over the description of any action item to see the full description! This can help you identify and illustrate action items with longer names that may be cut off.

Indexed annuity flexibility

In order to better illustrate the value of some newer indexed annuity products, we have added flexibility to illustrate participation rates above 100% and floors below 0%.

Enhanced Debt action items

We've updated the Action Items section of the Debt management screen to make it easier for you to specify which loans to include in the analysis. This update also gives you the ability to include loans in the charts and tables without including them in the proposed debt strategy.

Task templates

Do you have sets of tasks you regularly assign to clients, such as onboarding tasks for a new client or prospect? You can now set up templates featuring multiple tasks that you can then add to client plans. To create task templates, go to the Tasks / Templates screen in the advisor portal.

Allow clients to add their own tasks

You now have the ability to allow all of your clients to add their own tasks, should you choose to do so. Simply go to the [gear] / Account / Preferences tab and check the option to allow clients to add/edit tasks.