Installment sale for businesses

You can now illustrate sale of a business via installment plan. When entering the business via an 'Other' account on the Profile > Net Worth screen, you can specify sale via installment, including # of years and associated interest rate.

Illustrate extra debt payment scenarios

If you add a card for an extra debt payment on the Profile > Expenses screen, you can now illustrate changes to the amount on the Retirement > Analysis page. Click the 'Edit' button to add the extra debt payment to the Action Items section.

Set default planning horizon

You can now set the default planning horizon (assumed age at death) for new clients you create. Do so by visiting > Account > Client Presets.

Ability to sort model portfolios

We have added the ability to sort any of the screens under the 'Models' menu in the advisor portal by name, including Model portfolios imported from Riskalyze.

Vault file size limit increased

The maximum file size that you or your clients can upload to the Vault has been increased from 10 MB to 25 MB, in case there are larger files that you would like to store there.

Expanded historical net worth

We have expanded the historical net worth section to allow you to see monthly historical values as far back as January 2018. This can help you and your clients track their net worth or investments' value over time. You can use a drop-down box to select the time period you wish to see. Visit the Help Center for more information.

Holdings summary page

We have added a page for you to view, review, or download your clients' investment holdings in one place. You can filter holdings by owner, tax type, or account. This new screen can be found under Investment > Holdings.

Updated state tax rates

We have updated the state-specific tax parameters, including deductions, exemptions, and tax brackets/rates, to reflect various 2019 state tax law changes.

New action items

You can now use the Retirement / Analysis / Action Items section to illustrate differences in: 1) average AUM fees and 2) the timing of the sale of a business. Click the 'Edit' button in the Action Items section to add / remove items from the section!

Download cash flow data

On each screen in the cash flows, you now have the ability to download the cash flow data from that screen to a .csv file. Simply click the download button in the upper right of the screen next to the drop-down box used to select the plan.