Morningstar Advisor Workstation integration

We have introduced integration with Morningstar Advisor Workstation! This unique integration allows you to generate Morningstar reports based on the holdings associated with investment accounts clients enter or link into RightCapital. For more information on how to set up and use this integration, please visit the Help Center.

Social Security WEP calculations

We have added support for Social Security Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) calculations. If you enter a pension income for a client and check the 'Non-covered' box to indicate that it is a pension for a job that did not pay into Social Security, we will adjust the client's retirement benefit based on the WEP rules.

New global inflation options

We've added the ability to specify globally whether the value you enter for cash flow items such as certain goals, income, savings, or expenses inflate between now and the start date of the item. This can be specified on the Assumptions / Inflation tab; the setting you choose will apply to all clients.

Enhanced disability inputs

We have added additional fields to the input cards for group and individual disability insurance. These values, such as inflation rate, benefit period, and elimination period, allow you to capture the information associated with your clients' policies, and will be used in a new disability insurance module that will be rolled out soon!

Gear icon added to onboarding flow

To make it easier to navigate through the initial six-step onboarding flow, we've added a gear icon to the upper right hand corner that allows you and your clients to sign out of the system while retaining any data that has been entered. You can also exit directly to the advisor portal to work on other clients.

Set legacy goals at either client's death

When adding a legacy goal, you can choose to have the goal pass assets on to others outside of the plan in either the year of the client's death, co-client's death, or the later of the two.

Combined pre-tax / Roth 401(k) accounts

If clients link or enter 401(k) accounts that have both pre-tax and Roth money in the same account, you can use the new "401(k), 403(b) Pre tax and Roth" account type to specify the percentage of the account that is Roth money. This allows you to continue to track the value of the entire account while accurately tracking the tax treatment.

Redesigned detailed balance sheet

We've redesigned the detailed balance sheet found on the Balance Sheet / Details tab to improve the presentation and make it easier for your clients to see their assets and liabilities broken out and summarized. As part of this redesign we've split out additional sections for items like real estate and business assets, and removed any sections where your client has no assets.

Insurance card updates

You can now specify a premium inflation rate for auto and umbrella insurance policies. You can also tie premium and policy end dates to a client's age or retirement dates. As part of this update, we've also rearranged the insurance cards to make the data entry more intuitive for you and your clients!

Formatting in task templates

When creating new task templates to help add tasks in bulk to multiple clients, you can use all of the formatting options available to individual tasks. This includes bold / italic fonts, bulleted or numbered lists, and creating hyperlinks.